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✓ Amazing Fetch and chew toy for our medium to large persistent chewers

✓ There’s nothing better than the Goughnuts Stick for an active game of fetch to encourage your puppy’s natural instincts or for use as a proper training tool for your trusty partner.

​✓ Engineered and crafted in the USA from 100% natural rubber, this Goughnuts toy is constructed for the toughest of chewers and players.

✓ Take advantage of our 1-Time Replacement Guarantee





Goughnuts Stick - Black- Heavy Duty - MaXX - Large

$79.99 Regular Price
$71.99Sale Price
Great choice! Unfortunately, this Toy is so popular we sometimes sell out! please pre order and we will get yours to you ASAP so your Buddie can Chew their little hearts out. A wee treat will also be added to your order for the inconvenience.
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