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Super popular product!


Made from 100% NZ butterfish skins with no preservatives, additives, colourings, salt or sugars. These tasty morsels are a natural and healthy, treat for your dog.


They are perfect for all sizes of dogs puppy's to grand-dogs!


Super crunchy and tasty for the dog, low odour so no strong smells for you.

They are packed with protein and omega 3 and act as a brilliant dental chew. So you know they are getting high levels of nutrients, as well as giving their teeth and gums a good clean.


Each stick is approx 15cm long

Your Buddie will love crunching down on these


We also advise owners that all Doggo's should have free access to fresh, clean water, and always supervise your Buddies, while they are enjoying their treats.



Crunchy Fish Sticks Pack of 5

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